Brian Brockway, MSEE - President and CEO

Founded Data Sciences Intl. (DSI), the leading provider of wireless implantable sensors and systems for preclinical testing of new drugs and biomedical research. Bootstrapped DSI with SBIR grants into a highly profitable business with > $40 mm revenue. Developed domestic and international direct sales and distribution network serving 40 countries on five continents. Named to the Inc. 500 list of Americaís fastest growing private companies for three consecutive years. Named SBA Exporter of the Year 1994 and Tibbetts Award winner 1997. DSI received several awards and recognition for technology innovation and creative financing strategies during Brianís tenure.

Started Transoma Medical in 2003 to leverage the wireless implantable sensor technology and IP portfolio of DSI to develop a line of miniature implantable devices for diagnosis and monitoring of patients with chronic cardiovascular disease. Gained FDA clearance on two implantable devices and achieved $5 mm revenue run rate prior to shuttering the business during the 2009 financial crisis.

Brian has about 80 patents issued and pending in medical devices, sensors, and diagnostics and is co-author of more than 25 scientific publications.

Marina Brockway, PhD, MBA - Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Founded VivaQuant in 2009 to commercialize novel signal processing algorithms for highly accurate extraction of information from ECG recordings. In addition to signal processing, Marina is an expert in the development of algorithms for ultra-low-power implementation in embedded systems and has a deep understanding of statistics, cardiovascular physiology, and intellectual property portfolio development. Prior to founding VivaQuant, Marina spent five years in the cardiac rhythm management and neurostimulation divisions of Guidant (currently Boston Scientific).

Marina has about 80 issued and pending patents in the fields of signal processing and systems for monitoring ambulatory subjects and for management of patients with chronic cardiovascular disease. She has co-authored seven scientific publications.

Bob Brockway, VP Research Services

Bob has over 27 years of life sciences experience including management roles in marketing, business development, customer services and technical support, and new technology development. He was with DSI for 23 years before joining VivaQuant. Bob manages marketing, sales, and operations for clinical and preclinical research services. Bob holds an MBA as well as degrees in electrical engineering and physics.

Our Team

Our team has extensive experience with the design, manufacture, and marketing of products for biomedical research, medical devices, and ambulatory diagnostics and monitoring. Specific technology expertise includes signal processing, ultra-low-power embedded systems, sensors, low-power mixed signal design, and RF telemetry.

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