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VivaQuant Introduces Smallest One-Piece Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Device

St. Paul, MN – The Rhythm Express RX-1 mini sets a new standard for patient comfort and simplicity.

VivaQuant, a digital health company with powerful technology to accurately and efficiently identify and report cardiac arrhythmias, is proud to announce launch of the RX-1 mini. The mini is the smallest one-piece mobile cardiac telemetry device on the market, setting a new standard for patient comfort and simplicity of use.

VivaQuant's RX-1 mini continuously analyzes every beat of a patient's ECG as they go about their normal daily activities. With MCT, Event Recorder or Holter modes, the mini identifies arrhythmias, and communicates the information to the cloud using built-in cellular technology. Clinicians in our monitoring center review the incoming data and report clinically important information to the patient's physician.

Enabled by artificial intelligence, the RX-1 mini employs advanced signal processing techniques, including VivaQuant's patented wavelet-based analytics, to identify arrhythmias more quickly and accurately - even in the presence of noise. This results in lower operating costs and crisp high-clarity ECGs that can enable faster diagnosis for patients with cardiac disease.

The mini was designed from the ground up to provide the trifecta of wearables - a device that is easy to wear, easy to use, and provides accurate diagnostic data. In addition to its small size and a host of other competitive advantages, the RX-1 mini uses standard, inexpensive, off-the-shelf electrodes.

Many patch ECG monitors require use of a proprietary electrode which remains on the skin for 7 to 14 days. This can become a source of discomfort and irritation. With the mini, the patient can change electrodes as needed and move them to an adjacent site on the body to avoid irritation.

"RX-1 mini represents a new standard for patient comfort, ease of use, arrhythmia reporting accuracy, efficiency, and ECG signal clarity," says Marina Brockway, PhD, VivaQuant's Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

John Collins, Director of Marketing for the Rhythm Express product line and former Medtronic CRM product manager adds, "We are extremely excited to bring this breakthrough technology to clinics striving to improve quality of care and provide a better experience to their patients."


About VivaQuant

VivaQuant is a digital health company providing remote cardiac monitoring services under the Rhythm ExpressTM brand. A key enabler of the accuracy and efficiency of Rhythm Express is our proprietary MultiDomain Signal Processing (MDSPTM) wavelet-based analytics. MDSP removes up to 95% of noise in ambulatory ECGs without distorting morphology, provides superb ECG clarity, improves arrhythmia detection accuracy, and reduces variability of cardiac interval measurements.

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