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Muscle noise, baseline wander, and movement artifact are significant issues that hinder evaluation of ambulatory ECGs. When using existing ECG processing algorithms, in-band noise leads to false positive detection of arrhythmia events, variability in interval measurement, and renders ECG difficult to read, often masking important information such as P-waves. When reviewing and reporting arrhythmias this can result in inefficiencies and errors. When performing clinical and preclinical studies of impact of a therapy on cardiac intervals, the increased variability results in a reduction in the ability to resolve differences between groups.

VivaQuant's MultiDomain Signal ProcessingTM (MDSP) technology is a novel patented approach that addresses the shortcomings of existing algorithms. MDSP is unique in that it is the only technology capable of reducing in-band noise without distorting the ECG. In addition, MDSP provides highly accurate and computationally efficient extraction of information from ECGs and other physiological signals and has been shown to reduce in-band noise in ambulatory ECGs by up to 26 dB (equivalent to a 95% reduction in noise amplitude) without distorting the ECG signal.

By reducing the effects of noise, MDSP technology facilitates highly accurate arrhythmia event detection and interval measurement in noisy ambulatory recordings. MDSP has been shown to reduce variability of interval measurements in ambulatory ECGs (Brockway and Hamlin 2011) by a factor of 2 to 5. Another unique characteristic of MDSP technology is that it can measure noise on a sample-by-sample basis and can therefore very accurately assess the confidence in a mark (e.g., T-wave offset, P-wave onset, QRS, etc.). By automatically determining if a mark is accurate, MDSP can report only those marks that can be relied upon to produce useful information free of the impact of noise and signal corruption.

MDSP has been extensively tested on ECG databases from multiple species, including mice, rats, rabbits, swine, dogs, and humans, and has been shown to provide accurate results across a wide range of ECG morphologies and noise characteristics.

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